ICRA scorecard

ICRA Scorecard


ICRA Scorecard serves as a comprehensive tool for assessing the initial risk profiles of both retail (individual customers) and corporate clients seeking credit and borrowing services. This innovative tool promises to redefine credit assessment for financial institutions globally, offering unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and accessibility.

We are excited to launch the ICRA Scorecard, a groundbreaking tool that redefines credit assessment,” said Mr. Sahil Bansal, CEO of ICRA Rating.


Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Provides a thorough evaluation of risk levels associated with individual retail customers and corporate clients, offering a holistic view of creditworthiness

Portfolio evaluation

Enables financial institutions to assess and categorize the risk profiles within their client portfolio, aiding in strategic alignment and risk management.

Objective decision making

Facilitates objective and consistent decision-making for financial institutions by relying on predefined formulas and weighting factors.

Efficient customer onboarding

Serves as an effective initial screening tool for new customers, streamlining the process of checking eligibility for availing lending and credit services.

Quick Credit Terms Determination

For businesses dealing with credit terms, the scorecard expedites the determination of credit conditions and limits based on the risk category of customers.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Offers a proactive approach to risk mitigation for companies heavily dependent on credit sales, allowing them to make informed decisions and set appropriate credit limits.

Risk Scorecard


The Risk Scorecard is designed to evaluate the risk level associated with individual customers based on various factors such as age, monthly income, salary, visa type, and other relevant
data points. The scorecard uses predefined formulas and weighing factors or calculate an individual’s risk score .


The Corporate Scorecard is designed to evaluate the risk level associated with SMEs and corporates based on various factors such as business profile, management quality, macro factors, and financial performance of the business . The scorecard calculates the SME’s risk score using predefined formulas and weighing factors

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