ICRA Rating Agency Limited offers credit rating services for issuers, portfolio rating services for investors, and a range of financial services to facilitate informed decision-making in the financial sector, helping clients manage risk and make sound investment choices.


A CREDIT RATING is an independent assessment of a corporate entities or institution’s creditworthiness in general terms and helps any organization build a strong credit profile. It is based on a well-structured methodology after reviewing both qualitative and quantitative factors of target businesses. The rating analysis is well descriptive and assess both historical performance as well as future performance prospects of the business.

What are their benefits & usages ?

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A PORTFOLIO RATING is an evaluation assessment report that focuses deeply on the actual portfolio of the banks or financial institutions. It is a thorough evaluation of existing and potential risks and the mitigation of those risks. A periodic portfolio rating and review helps banks or financial institutions to make necessary changes to keep the strategic asset allocation in place and keeps current stakeholders / investors on track with their envisioned goals and give comfort to new investors. Moreover, it will also support banks or or financial institutions in getting comfort of other FI in participating large size Trade finance transactions.

What are their benefits & usages ?

The Portfolio rating of a bank reflects its existing and potential credit risk associated with its asset’s portfolios, other real estate owned, and other assets, as well as off-balance sheet transactions.

Asset portfolio quality is an important determinant of risk that profoundly impacts liquidity and costs, their pronouncements can greatly affect the overall condition of a business for years to come.

For banks, the primary factor affecting overall asset quality is the quality of their loan portfolio and their credit administration program.


An INVESTORS SERVICE is an evaluation and assessment report which is an essential aspect of the investment process that allows investors to assess the effectiveness of their investment strategies by analyzing risk, return, and risk-adjusted performance. This is also a system used by securities and insurance companies to rate the creditworthiness which allows investors to identify strengths and weaknesses, make necessary adjustments, and ensure they are meeting their investment objectives.

What are their benefits & usages ?


ESG Rating

ESG are the starting three letters from environment, social, and governance. Together they are important non-financial criterions on which nowadays business are expected to do well. Also, they represent material risk to the long-term company performance. ESG criteria are used by the impact investors to screen the potential investments. Globally and Locally various initiatives like SDGs, UNPRI etc. are aligned with ESG.

What are their benefits & usages ?

ICRA Scorecard

ICRA SCORECARD, serves as a comprehensive tool for assessing the initial risk profiles of both retail (individual customer) and corporate clients seeking credit and borrowing services. This scoring system is designed to cater to two distinct segments such as Retail Customers and Corporate Customers

What are their benefits & usages ?

Provides a thorough evaluation of risk levels associated with individual retail customers and corporate clients, offering a holistic view of creditworthiness

Enables financial institutions to assess and categorize the risk profiles within their client portfolio, aiding in strategic alignment and risk management.

Facilitates objective and consistent decision-making for financial institutions by relying on predefined formulas and weighting factors.

Serves as an effective initial screening tool for new customers, streamlining the process of checking eligibility for availing lending and credit services.

For businesses dealing with credit terms, the scorecard expedites the determination of credit conditions and limits based on the risk category of customers.

Offers a proactive approach to risk mitigation for companies heavily dependent on credit sales, allowing them to make informed decisions and set appropriate credit limits.

ICRA scorecard